Saturday, February 18, 2012

NY resolutions ...

It's almost been a year! That is terrrrrrible. I only have myself to blame (obviously) but I have decided to tip my toe back into blog-land. Mostly for selfish reasons, but also to stay in touch with my lovelies.

Shorter posts, and more of them. Starting with ...  New Year's Resolutions!

(1) Blog more
(2) Write more - two books, in fact, and lots of articles!
(3) Eat healthier
(4) Work more efficiently
(5) Practise patience with the kids
(6) Research more recipes to introduce more variety
(7) Don't buy any books, unless it's for book club (this will be REALLY hard)
(8) Craft more homely goodies for my label Sew Eeks
(9) Inspire others
(10) Send birthday cards - on time!

That's 10 to get me started, will list the next series soon!

What are YOUR NY resolutions?


1 comment:

The hollow blogger said...

It is better to make NY resolutions than not to make them at all. ;-)