Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet teas

It has been a while, and I have been gagging to share lots of bits (with all seven of you, ha, ha), so thought I would start with a recent discovery I made!

Thanks to a great blog called The Design Files, I have been enjoying some brilliant insights and sneak peeks into Australian-based artists and their homes. The most recent profile was a tour of illustrator Paula Mills’ Melbourne home. This very talented artist manages to juggle motherhood - three young daughters - wifedom and creativity with writing and creating for two blogs and managing online sales of her wonderful work. Not to mention creating a cosy, lovely home for her family.

Needless to say, reading through the blog post on Paula Mills, I was innocently led astray to her ‘illustration’ blog - which made me greedy for more, so I visited her online Etsy shop. Sigh. Heaven, as Gus would say! I had to click on every item in her online shop to take a better look. What can I say … Paula Mills is one gifted woman!

Together with her Wellington-based sister (Shelley Gardner), these creative sisters “love to make, draw, sew and collect lots of lovely, sweet things”. Join the club! I wish I had even half the talent they do!

Paula’s Sweet William blog, which she co-writes with Shelley, is really lovely as well (and half of the title of my blog post today is named after it). It can be found here. Personally, my favourite is the first blog, which showcases her designs and sweet descriptions of how she was inspired for each.

ANYWAY, like I said I also ended up taking a look at Paula’s online Etsy shop, which inevitably made me think that, possibly, maybe, she might make a great illustrator for my (as yet unwritten) children’s book?! I have been keeping a look out for potential collaborators to help make my dream of writing a book for every year that the boys are at school a reality. Mostly talking about their adventures, ups and downs. When it mentioned on Paula’s website that she is open to commissions, I got just a tad excited and a bit more focused on my idea of writing something dedicated to our little men. So, watch this space!  Please note: you may be watching for a while!
To sum up: I just love Paula's work. Here, take a look at a really small sample. 

Tea 1

A digital print of an original pen and ink drawing Paula made of one of the many tea cups she likes collect. The drawing was scanned and digitally enhanced, printed using high quality archival inks on Epson A4 matte heavyweight - bright white card (signed and numbered). Measures 6 x 8 inches.

Tea 2

On Etsy, Paula talks about how she loves pattern. Her small collection of delicate tea cups in blue willow is one of her favorites and featured here. She loves the intricate drawings and the simple rich colour they depict. So do I! Again, available as digital print of an original pen and ink drawing which was then collaged, scanned and digitally enhanced by Paula. 7 x 7 inches in size.

Tea 3

Another digital print of an original pen and ink drawing Paula made of one of her many tea cups. “This could make up a set of three tea cups”. No kidding. Come on over and see mine when they arrive in a few days’ time! He he ...

Camille sailing

“This is Camille - a very special girl who has the power to do many things - she is able to climb any mountain, fly with angels and dance with the wind, wouldn't you like to sail away with her in her little teacup and explore the seas?”.

Wow. Maybe she could co-write my children’s book?!  Like the other three tea designs, this is a digital print of an original pen and ink drawing done my Paula. I managed to resist buying Camille. Too many to choose from!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these as much as I hope to, for a long time to come!

Shower and bed are calling. Sweet dreams.


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