Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello . . . out there!

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Note to loyal readers out there (if there are any!):  I have copied and pasted the original blog post from the wordpress blog here, with links to the book and mook I referred to, so that all my blog posts can now be viewed in this one place . . . sorry, it is just that after a day of browsing blogs I have come to realise that this format is more user friendly and easier for me to track the blogs I like too!

August 2010

Hello, out there …

A few, very different, friends have started blogging and sharing thoughts, ideas and random insights on their blogs – most of which have entertained or intrigued me when I am surfing (on-line) . . . so I thought I would add to the mix!

Today’s musings are about a book I am reading at the moment (not the book club choice yet, sorry girls, I just wanted to fit in a quick story first) about a prostitute and part-time model living in early Florence. Near the beginning of the book (The Botticelli Secret by Marina Fiorate, also the author of The Glassblower of Murano), she poses for Botticelli as a favour to one of her clients, and ends up stealing a small copy of his Primavera painting when he treats her badly at the end of the sitting . . . and so starts the adventure! Right now she is trying to figure out why three people – linked to her client and Botticelli – have had their throats slashed (including said client) . . . and she is on the run. Understandably, it is hard to focus on work just now as I am wondering what the hidden secret in the drawing of the painting is, so just thought I would quickly set up a blog and share that thought with you!

And, also wanted to share that I am thinking about the putter club cover I (lovingly) knitted for El which he left (or lost?) in Edinburgh last month. At least he said he wants me to knit him a new one, so I am hoping it was a genuine loss, and not a real moment of deliberate forgetfulness!! He will be choosing a new colour tonight (maybe the red one I knitted previously was too bright?).

Am also thinking about Kate and Dumbo feather, and hoping that she will soon ask me to write or proof read for her again . . . I have loved working with her so far!

So, that’s it. For now. Ciao from dreamy Firenze (I wish!) x


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Sandrine said...

Good to see someone who devours books like I do! I have just finished a wonderful light and very sensitive but funny book called "twenties girl" by Sophie Kinsella.
I'd love to share our thoughts on the books we read. I usually read about one every two weeks. when I have some time I will make you a list.
And good on you to start a blog!!