Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring . . . is in my step

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Towards Spring:

August 2010

Hello, again ...

Am feeling a bit more shy about adding to my blog the second time around! Makes it all feel so OFFICIAL. So please bear with me. Must be because I am approaching 40 rather quickly – yes, I am a Leo with only one year left before that big decade!).

I've been thinking about Spring. Not only because it finally means the end of the cold and rainy weather, but also because I failed so miserably at my New Year's Resolutions this year. Like most previous years. It's like being given a second chance, and I am going to take it! I’ve included some links to the things that I talk about, on the condition you read my whole blog first, before getting distracted and clicking on the links! OK?

To start with, I have decided I am going to abscond from half of my FAVOURITE past-time: (a) browsing through bookshops and (b) actually buying books. (b) is going to have to stop, for Spring. Gulp. To make it bearable, I am going to give myself one exception: I can only buy the books that our book club has chosen to read during this season, unless I already have the book - a good possibility, given the rate at which I have been buying books over the last few years!. I think I am going to suffer, and be sorely tempted on MANY occasions, but at least I still get to rifle through bookshops (a) which is at least half the fun! I'll just keep a list in my gorgeous kikki K diary (the new 2011 edition is out, Jane said. That doesn’t count as a book, does it?!).

Anyway, back to the "Spring" in my step. I am also going to attempt at least a 5km jog, at least once a week. Probably on Sundays, so I have all day to recover. I've already done two jogs in the last fortnight (with water drinking breaks at Jane's), but I run all the way there (2.5km) and all the way home. Will try and shorten the break in the middle, and run faster. Anything to tackle that jelly belly!

AND, I am going to indulge in other past-times MORE (in addition to reading in bed): more knitting, which I love (Mum gave me a beautiful book for my birthday called The Knitter's Year - 52 Simple Seasonal Knits - by Debbie Bliss, a great knitwear pattern designer. It is lovely and has lots of projects, large and small, to entertain me. I particular, I love the Christmas decorations (imagine little hand-knitted Christmas trees, and snow-white pompom garlands!) and will be focusing my attentions to making quite a few (and hopefully completing some). Which brings me to my next project . . .

Last but not least, and trust me, this Spring drive could go on FOREVER, I am going to finish the Shepherd’s Bush "Harry's Stocking" Christmas stocking cross-stitch project which I started when Zack was one. I only have a few hours left to do on it, and then I can ask the shop (Needlecraft in Mosman) to send it to one of their granny sewers, who will take my Christmassy delight and turn it into a beautiful stocking by attaching the felt/paisley back! Can't wait to finally see it finished, and I will then start on Sam's stocking. Will hopefully finish that one in time for next year!!!

So, those were just some top line Spring thoughts. I could add more, but may need to do so in another blog, as I actually need to do some work!

Hope you enjoyed my musings. I certainly enjoyed Jan's latest letter to Susan and also Germaine Leece's (Some Home Truths) latest post on Maggie O'Farrell.

Bye for now, make sure you inject some Spring into YOUR step!


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Anonymous said...

So exciting about the new knitting book - I'll have to have a peek next time I am over. I so know what you mean about the New Years stuff though I didn't really have too many resolutions, so easy to not break!

I started jogging too but nowhere near 5k. Well I wouldnt know how far it is but its more like a walk some run some for about half an hour, including a reeeeealy steep hill. sigh. i am trying to do that 3 times a week after work. So far OK, though dad is coming for a visit til the 10th from tomorrow so I'll have a guest! so maybe no running.

My big one for now is to give up sugar. Yep. re-read Sweet Poison and I'm getting off the stuff, though it's hard because you have to read labels like crazy. we'll see how I go. I can eat fruit tho.

On the book front - I'm still reading shitloads and buying loads. then again mom always said you never should feel guilty about buying books. Of you could just hit the cheeeeap shops like the enormous Gould's in Newtown or Basement books at Central (they also have a great online store!)

Miss you, let's do lunch one of these fridays? this one or next works for me x