Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Christmas Visit

Early morning, mid September ...

I enjoyed my date with Anna K.  last night - she herself has not entered the story yet; I am just reading about the stout Prince and his surprise that his wife - whom he no longer loves and is the mother of his five (alive) and two (dead) children - is upset that he had an affair with a recent governess. She refuses to live under the same roof as him and the whole household is in disarray ... members of the house staff have already resigned and he is a little worried about the inconvenience of his 'harmless' indiscretion.

In the meantime, I thought I would share my latest cross-stitch project with you. It is so  traditional, I love it! The design is from The Prairie Schooler, is dated 1994 and features seven different Christmas tree decorations. The one that I am starting with is a father Christmas who is holding a lantern, shoulder bag, is framed by holly and is (of course) decked in his Christmas colours:

So far, I have stitched part of his coat and his head, and am about to include his eyes and mouth, to be followed by the rest of his olive overcoat.

Every year, The Prairie Schooler releases a new Santa pattern and they have just released their 27th in the series! I have the pattern cards of a few previous ones, but think I may need to buy them all, at only a few US dollars a pop! I hope my sons will appreciate all these hand-stitched treasures one day!

I'll post a copy of the final designed cross-stitch once I've finished it. I am thinking completing the decoration with some of the vintage floral linen cut offs I bought from Patchwork Plus Miranda last week. For example, this beautiful olive floral design:

Anyway, I'd better get the boys organised for school and kindy!


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