Sunday, October 3, 2010

Love on a platter

Love on a platter …

I ventured over to Vintage by the Sea, Shabby Chic Market last month (every third Sunday on 43 The Kingsway, Cronulla) and found a treasure trove of doilies (heaven!) at several stalls, some buttons, two lovely flower pots, a hand embroidered little girl’s singlet with French knots and using the blanket stitch, and, as I reluctantly walked out, saw this tea-stained oval plate.

It’s so romantic! It shows a young man on bended knee (with a terrible hair do, those curls, honestly!), wooing a lass (with a slightly better ‘do) wearing a pink dress. She's seated under a tree, whose canopy frames the upper half of the whole plate. In the far distance on the other side of the lake, you can see a little temple structure surrounded by grey (ie, very far, far away!) trees and lots of bushes.

Anyway, he’s playing the lute and is singing to her. I'm guessing it’s a love song, or words to inspire a loving response from her. She’s just sitting there, prettily, looking down, admiring him and is supposedly enchanted. Clearly, a fairy tale romance. I hope that they lived happily ever after!

The fact that the plate has tea stains all over it didn't put me off. It was obviously well loved by a previous tea-loving owner.

Anyway – I turned the plate over, while thinking how lucky it was that the tea stains don’t really disrupt the romantic scene, and à la Antiques Roadshow, gave a thought to its heritage. I found the outline of a star with six points, with the following words below:


There was also an outline of what looks like a row of green numbers, hastily stamped above these words.

Google search response to Paragon (heavily edited by me):  Paragon China was introduced by the Star China Co. in 1903, became part of Royal Doulton in 1972, and continued to produce china until 1991. By 1989, the name and patterns had been absorbed into Royal Albert and by 1992, the Paragon name was discontinued (at 89 years old, not bad!). 

Clearly, all very irresistible for only $4!

Thank you Robyn, I loved your stall!


Tania said...

I wouldn't have resisted either - bad hair day or no!

PS. Popped into Lark - except it was closed! Can you believe it????

Eeks said...

OMG! I can't believe it!! I so WISH that they had a shop like that here in Sydney ... it sells such a lovely collection of goodies. You must have been gutted! I LOVE YOUR BLOG (sorry, mine does not compare! One day ... ).
Thanks for stopping by!!